Thursday, July 01, 2010

Greeting the (demi) God

Amitabh Bachchan is back in town...and so are the crowds of "cheering fans" in front of the star's abode. While some (especially Bachchan neighbours) might complain about the "unruly mobs" clogging up traffic, and middle-class denizens might tsk tsk at this display of "rowdiness," Bollywood stars like Bachchan seem to take this public display of adoration quite well in their stride. Unlike their Hollywood counterparts, there is no talk of safeguarding privacy; rather, Bollywood stars seem to revel in the attention bestowed by their fans. An excerpt from Bachchan's blog post.

It is Sunday as you know today and the time in the evening for the crowds. How they come to know I am back is a mystery to me. I have been away for many Sundays. Drive back from the office into Jalsa and get Abhishek and Aishwarya out too. Its a bit of a crush getting in to my own house - a saffron bearing, long haired ’sadhu’, trumpet in hand heralding our arrival and getting thrown around by the mobbing crowds. Entertaining !! But once inside the gates are opened again and that little moment of audience connect.

So heartening to see the smile and cheer in the eyes and faces of the fans. They are our truest followers and friends. So sincere and devoted. Never have sufficient words to express to them the extreme joy and satisfaction in meeting them….